Steven Wilson

(Family Physician MD)
Georgia Team Leader 


To empower national leaders through 

health care and community development to the poorest in Central America.


Do not withhold good from those who deserve it, when it is in your power to act. 

- Proverbs 3:27



It started with a lamborghini.
The car was parked in the garage of Dr. Jeff Rice, an oralmaxillo facial surgeon in Pennsylvania. 
After traveling abroad for medical missions—and meeting Ricardo Castro, a native Honduran and former director of the Global Health Organization in Central America—he decided to found the Rice Foundation. 
So in 2007, he sold the lamborghini. 
With the money he earned as a result, he and Ricardo began to focus on sharing the gospel and joining in God’s redemption work in Honduras. Ricardo noticed that most international missions groups traveled to Tegucigalpa, so the Rice Foundation decided to work in northern Honduras—in the villages along the coast and in the mountains near the Guatemalan border.
In the following years, the Rice Foundation has grown to include education, construction, and clean water projects—in addition to providing medical relief and leadership development to the people of Honduras.

Kevin Cope

​(Family Physician MD)
New York Team Leader 

Ande Braid


Pennsylvania Team Leader 

Alan Keister 

​(Internist MD)

Texas Team Leader 

Scott Ostrode


California Team Leader 

Jason Zarghami

(Executive Admin)

California Team Leader 

Stephanie Shaw Thayer

California Team Leader


We build a Better World by the empowerment and unity of the Body of Christ through Education, Leadership Training, Medical and Dental Relief, 

Clean Water, Housing and Food to the poor.

Dave Durham

Chief Fire Fighter
California Team Leader

Jeffrey Rice

​(Oral Maxillofacial Surgeon)

Pennsylvania Team Leader