Every year we compile a list of houses, churches, and schools to build or repair. Together with a group of local workers—who construct the walls of each building—our international construction teams paint, roof, and fence to complete the project.

In 2014, we will begin construction on a high school for students in Santa Rita, Copan.  If you are interested in bringing or joining a construction team to participate in this project, visit our “Make a Difference” page and send us an email!

Leadership, Marriage conferences and parenting workshops

In 2012, we asked Honduran pastors what they needed the most. In response to the answers they gave, we provide them with conferences on Marriage, Effective Parenting, and Leadership Development.

Surgical center and dental clinic

Eleven medical and dental missions happen each year that include surgical groups, dentistry, and construction—among other things. Our goal is to eradicate cleft palate and lips through our surgical center in Copan. New medical specialties are now coming from both American and Honduran national doctors.


This program is currently considered a "project opportunity." Although we have $30,000 worth of machinery and a carpentry facility, we still need $15,000 more to secure spots for 15 students to work full-time, or 30 students to work part-time. These boys will create and sell their woodwork during the day and attend school at night, earning between $250 and $400 for their families every month. The program's goal is to improve the lives of people by equipping them with skills and knowledge that allow acces to better employment. Recovering the dignity that comes from work and a Christian ethic improves their quality of life and reduces the number of those living in poverty. 


Hondurans suffer disease, hunger, and poverty without access to safe water. Our clean water projects are changing that by impacting communities of 2,000 people or more with the cleanest purified water. Every benefited village gets up to 10,000 gallons of purified water every eight hours.


Honduras has the second highest rate of child malnutrition in Central America, with 1 in 4 children suffering from chronic malnutrition, according to a study by the World Food Programme (WFP).

Our feeding programs in Sinai and Santa Rita provide 100 children and 60 children, respectively, with a nutritious lunch three days a week.  We are currently building another program in Tela to feed 80 more children.


The single most powerful opportunity for a brighter future is Education. The "Fuente de Poder School" in Copan offers middle school and high school students the opportunity to learn with experienced, local teachers in a Christian environment.

A one-time donation of $600 or 3 payments of $2oo provides a talented student with school uniforms, tuition, shoes, and other needs the student may have.