Would you like to help a little girl feel special by providing a hand sewn-dress or help a boy or girl to be successful in school by providing a hand sewn-backpack?  Help a little girl feel the love you have with a simple pillowcase! It may seem like a little thing, but to these little girls, it’s so much more than that, it's the simple act of providing them with something that makes them feel special.  Don't worry about the sewing part, if you don’t sew you may donate items need to create a dress. If you sew, you may complete your own dresses or backpack.

What can you use or donate:
1) New or gently used colorful pillow cases
2) Colorful cotton material
3) Double bias tape
4) 1/2 inch elastic
5) Money to help with shipping

Please send dresses, backpacks or items to the address below:
1) Rice Foundation PO Box Grand Prairie, TX 75054 
2) Rae Zarghami California
​3) Jan Norris Floyd Georgia

little dresses and backpacks 

There are many people in Honduras that can’t walk but are unable to afford a wheelchair in order to ease their struggle of getting around.  You may bless one of these people by donating a new or gently used wheelchair. www.Amazon.com is a great place to start your hunt. You may also donate money to our wheelchair fund and when there is enough in the fund we will purchase a wheelchair to be given away in Honduras. Please contact us for specific needs.

How to get involved:
1) Donate a New or Gently Used Wheelchair (you must provide shipping )
2) Money Donations

Mailing Options:​
1) Rice Foundation PO Box Grand Prairie, TX 75054 
2) Rae Zarghami California
​3) Jan Norris Floyd Georgia

Wheel Your Way Into The Heart

of A Person In Need

the eternal impact  of a gift of love

how can YOU help

kick a goal and change a life

This is Ronaldo, the barefooted soccer player in La Laguna Village, Honduras.

So many of you, including a Girl Scout Troop saw him without shoes and 

because of your kindness we were able to bless 200 children with soccer cleats. Along with the shoes we offered prayer and told the people of the village that we were there because Jesus loves them. Ronaldo walked prouder, like hope and joy filled his heart, after being loved on, prayed over, and receiving all of his gifts, cleats, socks, soccer ball, and hand-sewn backpack with school supplies.

If you have old sports gear taking up space in your garage, have your kids

outgrown last season’s soccer cleats and clothing? What a great opportunity to donate your used soccer equipment, apparel and gear to children who will get use out of it!  You can donate new and used soccer equipment helping 

communities that have limited access to proper gear. 

How can you get involved?

1)   New or used soccer cleats and athletic shoes

2)   New or used Children’s athletic apparel (including shirts, shorts, jerseys,           jackets, sweatshirts, sweatpants, socks, etc)

3)   New or used soccer balls

4)   Money donations

Get inspired, Give back, kick a goal and share with others the joy of life with hope!