We think doctors, teachers, pastors, and construction workers do their best work when they're well-rested and well-fed, and we want your best work!  
On our short-term mission trips, we provide excellent shelter and food, so nothing stops you from your best work while you're with us.

The hotel at Telamar was built in the first decades of the last century by the banana company Tela Railroad Company, producers of the world-renowned brand Chiquita. The houses were designed to lodge the families of the executives that worked in the Tela Railroad Company, and boast wooden columns and architecture typical of houses on the Caribbean coast. 





Los Olingos, owned by Agua Chiquita natives, is the result of the inspiration and hard work of a community of free thinkers and visionaries, committed to the conservation, protection, and restoration of the natural and cultural resources in the area, as well as the promotion of the coexistence of humans and nature, utilizing sustainable methods to minimize their carbon foot print.


Our teams favorite place for devotionals and peace.

This is our newest project, located in Santa Rita, Copan. With a vision for three houses to accommodate all of our teams and future ministries. Each room is truly comfortable and cozy with two, or four beds, A/C, private bathroom with hot water. 

Today, our ten acres property with two houses and few horses plus the partnership with the Castro Ranch make possible the first organic project to house missionary groups in Copan. ​



The mission house, located near Copan Ruinas, was constructed by a group of local pastors upon the creation of the Rice Foundation. Today, the house serves as a gathering site for international medical brigades, a dormitory for team members and translators, and a kitchen in which to prepare team meals.